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To protect and support the traditional arts of Japan!
Pursuing the high grade required by professionals for color, texture and functional make up products that accentuate the beauty of the skin.
Working hand in hand with professional make-up artists to create a line of products that can be used for all types of media as well as individual use. For information on a wide range of products and to grab a copy of our catalog please feel free to get in contact.

Everything we do is for the sake of the artist!


BUTAIYA maintains a large client base in Movies, Television and stage. (Products used by: make-up artists for Kabuki, Photography, Opera, Ballet, Dance, Sports, Costumes, Special effects, teaching materials and everyday make up) Please feel free to contact with any special requests for product colors, texture or any other requirements.

Strength in Color
A three primary color base used to support all types of environment, staging and natural lighting.

Commitment to development
With carefully selected materials, BUTAIYA products emphasis skin conditioning whilst not burdening the skin. All products are created in-line with experts in skin treatment.

Strength in Texture
To create beautiful skin on screen and on stage, for natural textured effects.

Commitment to function
Working in even the strictest of situations, to create ease and function ability for the most professional of users.
[UV measures, wettability, extensibility, adhesion, covering power, anti-sweat, Durability, waterproof]


To meet the needs of all valued customers, and continuing the ability to product high grade products. With over 3000 color combinations in rotation the possibilities are endless. By taking advantage of the skin experts BUTAIYA works with, not only do the products leave actors and models looking beautiful, but leaves their skin moisturized, refreshed and more beautiful after the make-up has been removed. BUTAIYA also has a large range of special effects make-up from wounds and blood to out of this world designs. The product is created for professionals but can easily be used and accessed by the everyday user.


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Laitier & OEM Contact Information
Cosmetic AiDA Co.,Ltd
Address : 〒150-0002 
Kawana Building 4F, Shibuya 3-10-15, Shibuya-Ku   Tokyo, Japan

Office Hours  AM 9:00~PM 6:00 Closed on weekends & public holidays

Buoyant & OEM Contact Information
Buoyant Co.,Ltd
Address : 〒104-0061 
Dai Higashi Building 2F, Ginza 6-12-13, Chuo-ku   Tokyo, Japan

Free Call (Japan only):0800-7001007
Office Hours AM 9:00~PM 6:00 Closed on weekends & public holidays

BUTAIYA Contact Information
Address : 〒150-0002 
Kawana Building 8F, Shibuya 3-10-15, Shibuya-Ku   Tokyo, Japan

Office Hours AM 10:00~PM 7:00 Closed on weekends & public holidays