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Privacy Policy

(Personal information management)

First and foremost

Cosmetic Aida recognizes the importance of keeping personal information private, to protect its social responsibility as a corporation and the safety of customer information. We promise to strive to protect all private information.

Definition of personal information

Personal information is information regarding an individual, refers to any information that can identify name, date of birth, gender, phone number, e-mail address, occupation, place of work etc.

Collection and use of personal information

For the following purposes the company will collect and use personal information. All information is provided voluntarily by the customer. The customer will permit the company to use personal information in accordance to the privacy policy.
Information is required in order for the delivery of orders places by the customer.

Information may be used in the case of new products and company information that may be beneficial to the customer.

Information may be used to acquire data regarding the company, in use for collecting opinions and improving customer services.

Information may be used in the case of contact support.

Third party provision of personal information

Without good reason the company will not disclose information to third parties. By law without the permission of said customer in advance, all personal information will be withheld from third parties.

Director of contractors

All information will be handled properly, in the case that information is used to provide customers with information regarding products and services, all will be carried out by contractors outside the part of personal information.

Personal information management

A Chief privacy officer is in place to prevent disclosure of personal information, loss and damage etc. The company will uphold appropriate management of all personal information entrusted by the customer.

Information content inquiry ? alterations or cancellations

In the case of the customer modifying or cancelling personal information provided to the company, please inquire immediately. The company shall confirm the customers identity and respond as quickly as possible.

Contact Information
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