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Laitier is the French word for milk
The brand was born with the concept “beautiful skin makes for beautiful make-up”.
With a gentle warmth, the products wrap around the skin in a soft and smooth way, that leaves the impression of beautiful naked skin. Laitier strives to achieve this goal in beauty.


Just like milk ? Laitier Cosmetics

Loved for over 30 years by estheticians and professional make-up artists.

Skin care products that have been developed to with the aim to create beautiful translucent skin.
Base make-up series celebrated its 30th year anniversary with a new look renewal.

A wonderful line up of items for an easy professional finish. Showcasing a handful of products, please feel free to get in contact for a catalog and more information on a wide range of other products.


The key to unlocking beautiful skin with translucent gloss.

Using the make-up in unison with your skin to create a beautiful balance.
The make-up comes second to leaving your skin cared for and feeling beautiful.
Looking after skin of all ages, affected by season and natural change.
Laitier skin series does not just focus on recreating your skin, but you with a beauty that lasts.
A beauty that does not stop growing, Laitier skin series continues to grow with you.


Wonderfully translucent, professional finish.

Laitier make-up range was formed on the basis of professional make-up for stage and television.


Not only do Laitier products produce beautiful and well-formed skin but with replenishing formulas, it protects and moisturizes skin whilst simultaneously leaving you looking your glorious best.


In a range of colors, Laitier make-up series has something for everyone. A beautiful base, a translucent cover and vibrant color for a professional finish every time.

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