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Cosmetic Aida has four specialist factory sites in Miyagi prefecture.
With a know-how in manufacturing and specializing in production of cosmetic products, CA takes on everything from the smallest to large lots. The factories are all in compliance with GMP and continue to pursue new challenges to further prosper the company.

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Miyagi Main Factory Ookumakouya Aza Douda 42-4, Watari,Miyagi, Japan 989-2324 989-2351

TEL:0223-23-0070 FAX:0223-23-0550

This factory was completed in October 2017. The total floor area is about 4,500 spuare meters. It is the largest scale in the Tohoku region, and conforms to cosmetics GMP. It is a factory with safety and safety first design which combines earthquake and blackout response. The manufacturing room and filling room can be set to cleanliness class 100,000. It can be manufactured widely from skin care to make-up item.

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Sendai Factory
Aza Kamihamakaido 4-1, Watari, Miyagi, Japan 989-2351

TEL:0223-34-4111 FAX:0223-34-7441

Factory 1 consists mainly of the production of lotion and cream based products, such as Liquid Foundation and skin care. Using a three cylinder roller to manufacture small to large quantities of emulsion based products. Products of Buoyant’ are also produced at this factory. A leader in liquid production, our firm is able to create small to large lots.

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Factory 2
Yamadera Kitadoranuma 195-59, Yamamoto-Cho, Watari, Miyagi, Japan 989-2201

TEL:0223-33-6555 FAX:0223-33-6556

Main focus on make-up products,such as foundations and concealers. Contains both a main mass production line and a hand made production line for smaller lots, and a range of high quality production equipment.


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